Voodoo Nemesis TT VXL

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Length: 36.5



The VOODOO Nemesis is a highly promising field hockey stick, offering players a blend of playfulness, responsiveness, and control.

The Nemesis is designed with the VOODOO responsiveness trademark, which indicates that the stick is known for its exceptional responsiveness and feel when handling the ball. This feature allows players to have better control and touch, enhancing their ability to execute skills and manoeuvres with precision.

The VOODOO Nemesis is a high-quality field hockey stick that offers a playful and responsive experience. Its lightweight design, coupled with a perfect balance of power and soft touch, makes it a great choice for players who seek enhanced control over their game. For those looking to improve their ball control and execute skills at dangerous speeds, the Nemesis is an excellent stick to consider adding to your weaponry.

Key Features / Stick Tech:

VOODOO Responsive Touch: The Nemesis pays tribute to the VOODOO responsive touch, indicating that the stick is designed to offer a high level of responsiveness and feel when handling the ball. This feature allows players to have better control over their dribbling, passing, and shooting, enhancing their overall performance on the field.

High Balance Point: The stick's high balance point is an essential feature that enables players to have full control over the stick's movements. A high balance point typically means the stick's weight is distributed more towards the head, making it easier to maneuver and execute precise movements.

CW Laminates: Similar to the previous sticks mentioned, the Nemesis also uses CW laminates to provide the necessary strength to the stick. The carbon weave laminate enhances the stick's durability and power, making it suitable for advanced players who require high levels of hitting power.

RR Technology (Responsive Resin Technology): The RR technology refers to the use of advanced resins in the stick's construction, as mentioned in the previous stick's description. These resins enhance the stick's responsiveness and feel, contributing to improved control and touch on the ball.

The Nemesis emphasizes precision, control, and crafty skills, making it an ideal choice for players who want to have full command over their game. The Nemesis seems to be a well-crafted field hockey stick, tailored to provide players with exceptional control, responsive touch, and the necessary power for advanced play.