Technology & Manufacturing process


Carbon Computation [CC]

CC is an indicative amount of composite fibres used to achieve the sticks stiffness. The higher the CARBON COMPUTATION the stiffer the stick.

Carbon Weave Laminate [CW Laminate]

The CW Laminate provide extra strength with a light feel and high balance point for sharper skills

Responsive Resin Technology [RR Tech]

This Resin maximise the strength in the stick laminate for a super responsive feel

Supa Lite Core [SLC]

The SLC technology is used within the Unlimited stick range to deliver a light hockey stick [500-515gr] with a high balance point.  Sleek skills guaranteed.

Kevlar Soft Feel Technology [KSF Tech]

The Stick lay-up is completed with a perfectly fitted film of ultra smooth Kevlar - used to absorb vibration and increase feel and control

Dual Kevlar Technology [DK Tech] 

Double Kevlar reinforcement to maximise the impact diffusion for a smoother feel

Feather Weight [FW]

Using Premium high strength and lightweight materials in a dual core chamber system to give a high power to weight ratio performance with light feel guaranteed