Voodoo Limitless Midori VXC

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Length: 36.5



The VOODOO Limitless is a well-engineered field hockey stick that aims to unlock a player's infinite potential on the fields. Designed to excel in high-pressure situations, enabling players to perform at their best even during intense gameplay. This stick delivers consistent and reliable performance when it matters most. Its focus is on performance under pressure and facilitation of high-quality skills which make it an ideal choice for players looking to unlock their full potential on the field. Whether it's executing precision skills or delivering powerful shots, the Limitless is a stick that can help players elevate their game to new heights.

The VOODOO Limitless is a high-performance field hockey stick that incorporates various technologies to enhance its performance.

Key Features / Stick Tech:


VXC24.5 (Low Bow Concave): The low bow concave shape combines a low bow with a concave face, favored by players who are looking to prioritize enhanced drag-flicking and aerial skills.

Bow: VOODOO Xtreme Concave Low Curve
Curve Position: 200 mm
Max Curve: 24.5 mm


Supa Lite Core: This core technology is designed to reduce the overall weight of the stick. A lighter stick allows players to perform high-speed stick movements with ease, which can be beneficial for quick dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Responsive Resin Tech: While not explicitly mentioned in the provided information, responsive resin technology likely refers to the use of advanced resins in the stick's construction. These resins can enhance the stick's responsiveness and feel, providing better control over the ball.

Carbon Weave Laminate (CW Laminate): The carbon weave laminate is a crucial feature that increases the overall strength of the stick. Carbon fiber is known for its lightweight yet robust nature, making the stick more durable and capable of withstanding powerful shots.

Dual Kevlar Technology: The presence of Kevlar technology in the stick helps to maximize impact diffusion. Kevlar is a strong and flexible material that can disperse the force of impacts, providing a smoother feel on the ball and potentially reducing vibrations when striking or receiving the ball.

The combination of these technologies makes the Limitless E5 one of the lightest sticks available while maintaining exceptional power. Players can benefit from the stick's lightweight design for quick movements and powerful shots.